This is us.


We're a local Dunsborough Family.

And we've been there... handed over thousands for weddings, engagements, birthdays.. even kids celebrations! 

All in an effort to get the right lighting, beautiful furniture, ambience, music and ultimately... amazing memories. We looked everywhere for alternative options to get costs down by doing more styling ourselves and couldn't find that perfect fit.

So we're bringing you the opportunity for you to choose to hire the items and set it up yourself for the best price. 

Now you can host your magical event without breaking the bank. 

Life should be a party! So we figure why not make it available to everyone?

Looking for something specific? Just ask us.


This is just the beginning....

Family photo depicting a wife, husband and small child walking down a softly lit beach path near Dunsborough.

Photo courtesy of RaeMarie Photography, Dunsborough.